An'Ikar Az'Guzuur

This tiefling woman has the unusually light, tan skin typical of the Guzuur bloodline, but bears elaborate horns unusual for that house, and is otherwise an almost amusingly stereotypical example of a tiefling. Almost.


An’Ikar Az’Guzuur is King Thuz’Ur’s 1st cousin through his aunt Milar’Ik, and is currently heir to the throne. Naturally, this means that the two of them despise each other.

An’ikar’s father, Brazol’Ik Az’Zakarl, was a lesser son of the royal line of Arkassin, and An’Ikar’s family maintains good relations with their relatives in that City.

An’Ikar runs the Ikar family mining and smelting business, with two mines and several quarries operating in M’ziir’s Westcrook, and 1 in the Northcrook. The family is wealthy in silver, copper, and iron. They also own a prosperous shipping company, with an outpost at the Nessus Portage, and lumber operations near Lake Nessus. The Ikar’s used to do healthy trade with Rook’s Landing, but are searching for better options now that Aechell has occupied that town.

It is widely known that An’Ikar dislikes her husband, Kalaz’Ikar. Rumor is that he was caught openly with his mistress, and An’Ikar hasn’t forgiven him. Nonetheless, they both jealously protect their legacy for their son, Baal’Ikar, and present a consistently united front in terms of upholding their family’s interests.

An’Ikar and Thuz’Ur do not get along, and rarely interact other than at Court. They were, at one point, almost married to each other, and were, in fact, betrothed as children. Unfortunately, when Thuz’Ur’s parents died of the plague in 61, An’Ik was only 10 years old, too young for a marriage, even among the tieflings. Because it is considered highly improper for an unmarried tiefling to rule, Thuz’Ur was quickly married to his first wife, Dana’Dolzuran Az’Guzuur, and a hefty breach-price was paid to the Ik family. An’Ik was married to Kalaz’Arul about 5 years later.

It is unclear whether An and Thuz disliked each other before the betrothal was broken, but they have definitely not gotten along since she married Kalaz’Ikar.

An’ had an older brother, Luraz’Imil, who inherited the ‘Ik title and fortune when their parents died, but he and his daughter, Braliz’Imil, were killed by goblin raiders in the Westcrook three years ago, leaving An’Ikar to inherit everything. It is widely rumored that Thuz’Ur, whose paranoia was in full swing by that time, arranged the deaths of Luraz and Braliz’Imil, and that the kinslayer curse is why Queen Amra’Ur birthed a bezoar a few years later.

For reasons most assume have to do with the deaths of Luraz and Braliz’Imil, An’Ikar and her sister-in-law, Ran’Imil, despise each other. Rumor suggests that Ran believes that An aided Thuz’Ur to kill Ran’s husband and daughter which, to be fair, did put An’Ikar two steps closer to the throne.

Everyone assumes that An’Ikar is biding her time and plotting to take the throne, and many are just waiting for actual violence to break out between house Ur and house Ikar. But those who know An’ know that she would never stoop to direct, open conflict.

An’Ikar’s house does not keep much in the way of warriors, having always been oriented more towards economic power and trade. Indeed, the Ikar’s are probably wealthier than king Thuz’Ur. The Ikar’s have a friendly relationship with the Shepherds’ Guild, and An’s younger brother, Aran’Ik, was a shepherd.

Shepherd Aran’Ik was executed by Thuz’Ur two days ago for treason. He came to Court to plead to the King to re-open trade with the Blood King’s Cities, and to trust to the Shepherds to keep trade safe for his rule. Whatever was said, Thuz’Ur took it as threats, and ordered his cousin beheaded.

An'Ikar Az'Guzuur

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