This jovial gnome "explorationer" is very eager to explorationate in Mana'era, and is laden with the many items he's explorationed.


Bangiziplitizikin (ban-GEE-zee-plih-TIHZ-ih-kihn) is an “explorationer” from the Gnome city of Ganitipantuperan (gan-EE-tee-pan-TOO-puhr-on)), which seems to be built inside the hill which lays on the Feywild side of M’ziir.

He has explained to the party that the gnomes of Ganitipantuperan have been desperately working to keep the gates of their city open, which efforts seem to lie behind the unclosability of The Gap. It turns out that the gates of the gnome city sit over the same place as The Gap…which explains it all. Sort of. Probably.

In any case, Bangizi also asserts that the gnomes of his city have indeed been working to undermine King Thuz’Ur’s authority and sanity for quite some time, and seems delighted at how well it has worked. This despite the gnome having met the party as a direct result of almost being slain by a naked, raging, King Thuz’Ur after having disturbed the monarch during some intimate moments. Or perhaps because of how they met? It’s hard to tell with gnomes.

Nonetheless, and in spite of his seemingly somewhat flawed grasp of Western, Bangizi does seem to have some access to the gnomish king, Bevinigiangapilatini, and has agreed to take a message to the King on the party’s behalf.


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