Chur'Aal Az'Guzuur

This young, surly-eyed tiefling is armed, petulant, and cruel.


Chur’Aal is 2nd cousin to king Thuz’Ur Az’Guzuur of M’ziir. Thuz’Ur’s great uncle, Malir’Zaral, married Loral’Ekar Az’Guzuur, becoming an Ekar himself. Their son, Abaz’Ekar, married Sheraz’Ikil of the Zoran of Bloodline out of Shek’zur, forming house Aal, of which Chur’Aal is the sole scion, assured since his father’s death in a skirmish with Okorian outside of L’ekar twenty-one years ago.

His mother, Sheraz’Aal Az’Zoran still holds title as Lady of L’ekar, which she inherited from her husband, Abaz’Aal Az’Guzuur. She resides there, in some infamy because she never remarried, and L’ekar has, traditionally, been held by Guzuurs (and occasionally Ebbezurs), not Zorans.

More, Lady Sheraz’Aal has, so far, ignored King Thuz’Ur’s demand for soldiers, keeping her modest household forces, and the small town guard of L’ekar away from M’ziir. Rumors abound as to why, ranging from theories of an elaborate ruse to catch the Blood King in the flank, to imminent betrayal of Thuz’Ur. More than one person has pointed out that if the Lady of L’ekar can turn the tide of a battle at M’ziir, her son could certainly be made regent, or even king, of M’ziir.

Chur’Aal is technically third in line for the throne, after An’Ikar Az’Guzuur, and her son Baal’Ikar. He is, however, unmarried, making it very unlikely that he’d be able to take the throne without direct outside intervention, even in the event his cousin and her son met untimely ends. Chur’Aal’s reputation (and, frankly, his personality) seem to discourage potential mates.

Chur’Aal has been appointed captain of the Mules, the security force (mostly comprised of untrained levies, criminals offered pardons, and former street-gang members) set to fortify and secure the Pale Quarter, in an effort to delay the Blood King’s likely assault on the western walls of M’ziir, and The Gap therein. He’s taken former Shade gang leader, Danae, and former Thieves’ Guild enforcer Divinter Red Hands as his lieutenants. Chur’Aal has already earned a reputation for cruelty, spite, and pettiness, especially towards humans, halflings, and ashai.

Chur'Aal Az'Guzuur

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