This striking, middle-aged human woman dresses plainly, speaks softly, and probably carries a big stick


Danae is a human woman of about 45 years with a quiet demeanor that belies her forceful presence. She dresses simply and carries no apparent weapons. Few have seen her in a fight, and those that have don’t like to discuss it.

Danae is the leader of The Shade, the street gang that controls most of The Pale Quarter outside the western walls of M’ziir. She takes her leadership, as she does most things, very seriously. Her gravitas and competence are legendary, and even those who dislike her tend to bear her at least a grudging respect. She is the pillar and soul of The Shade, and even though she couldn’t be considered “good” by any normal measure, she is well known as fair and, to those who pay attention, more compassionate than one might expect from the godmother of a modestly-sized criminal organization.

Nobody seems to know how long Danae has been in the Pale Quarter, but she has lead the Shade since the gang’s first days, and The Shade has been around since shortly after King Thuz’Ur’s failed attempt to close The Gap some 25 years ago.

Danae keeps a pseudodragon named Page as a pet and companion. Some claim that Page accounts for Danae’s uncanny ability to know everything that goes on in the Pale Quarter. Other’s claim that Danae isn’t a hunter or warrior as she seems, and that her near-omniscience is due to her using magic to scry on the denizens of her territory. If asked, Danae will respond with a withering look at best.


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