This burly, bearded, bald human is reminiscent of nothing so much as a cross between a bouncer and a used-cart salesman


Divinter is a large, affable, and almost wholly untrustworthy lieutenant in M’ziir’s chapter of the Theives’ Guild of Mokiir.

His friendly and gregarious demeanor belies his background as a gladiator in Okorian, where he earned his moniker “Redhands” as a result of either beating his opponents bloody or, some say, because he was prone to disarming foes by grabbing their blades with his bare hands.

His rare combination of sheer physical size and showmanship has made him perfect for occasions when the Guild wants to negotiate pointedly.

Back in Okorian, Divinter was, for several years, a member of one of the The Waaz Ora’adz. When M’ziir prepared for the siege of the Blood King, Divinter was made a lieutenant of the Pale Quarter’s Defense Levies, in part because of his knowledge of Okorian and its soldiers.


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