Emmirus the Alchemist

This irritable eladrin sage bears acid burns across the left side of his face.


Emmirus is an eladrin alchemist renowned throughout M’ziir for both his bad temper, and his depth of knowledge about all things mystical. He rejects, forcefully, any inquiry about his past or the acid burns that mar the left side of his face.

Emmirus is not a member of the Mage’s Guild, despite alchemy being broadly considered the province of guildmembers in Mokiir. Rumors abound as to why he gets away with it, but most seem to think that it’s a simple matter of him being both one of the most accomplished Alchemists in Mokiir and kinda scary.

Emmirus is not overly scrupulous, and will share information and advice with anyone willing to pay the price. His prices are rarely monetary, and generally require a service of some sort.

Emmirus the Alchemist

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