Lady Sheraz'Aal Az'Zoran

This middle-aged tiefling woman has the grey skin and swept-back horns of the Zoran bloodline, along with a gravitas quite above her station.


Sheraz’Aal Az’Zoran, born Sheraz’Ikil, is the second child of the cousin of Mara’Zarek Az’Zoran, queen of Shek’zur. She married Abaz’Ekar Az’Guzuur, heir to L’ekar, when she was quite young (he was 26 years her senior), after, rumor has it, having seduced him during a visit he paid to Shek’zur.

Other rumors suggest that she actually enchanted him, and that he was her puppet, but most folk attribute that rumor to the general paranoia and suspicion that follows the Lords of the Underkeep.

Most who knew them agree that Sheraz’Aal and Abaz’Aal were deeply smitten with each other, and that their son, Chur’Aal, is the center of Lady Sheraz’Aal’s world, especially after Abaz’Aal died in a skirmish with forces from Okorian in 80 RA. It is, at any rate, well known that Sheraz’Aal despises Okoris (people from Okorian), and many rumors suggest that she’s made multiple attempts on the life of King Amzar’Omaz, indirectly, of course.

Thuz’Ur and Sheraz’Aal have always had a tense relationship, but as much could be said of most people relative to the King of M’ziir. Still, being a Zoran in charge of even a small outpost that has previously always been held by Guzuur’s has made Sheraz’Aal the target of much envy, debate, and distaste. It is only the promise of her son, a Guzuur (if somewhat dilute), inheriting the position that has kept Sheraz’Aal in power this long. Nobody really thinks Chur’Aal is ready to lead, and his mother makes the perfect steward of her son’s future interest because her agenda seems very clear: to see her son take his birthright. Installing a different Guzuur in her place would complicate things, and Thuz’Ur is a simple man.

Lady Sheraz'Aal Az'Zoran

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