Lander Ebben

This slender, attractive young man has a drawn, haunted look about him.


Lander Ebben had been a vintner’s apprentice at Galbert’s Grapes near the Silver Tower of New Cormorell when the Aechellans attacked. He fled the city with a handful of other refugees including his friends Ruben and Joss, also Galbert’s employees, as well as a woman named Lynn and her two children.

All of them ended up in M’ziir.

Lander doesn’t remember quite how he came to be associated with the Ix’iil, or who in that organization convinced him to sell the Tonic on The Stalls of the Pale Quarter of M’ziir, but after being captured by The Shade, it became clear that pressing him too much for details bent his mind to the point of raving madness..

During his episodes, he rants about the coming of the Blood King, and the glory of preparing the way.

Lander Ebben

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