Lidia Kingfisher


Vivacious and all smiles, Lidia is the twin of Dora. They grew up on a floatilla, as Hovia do. Lidia and her sister frequently disembarked when they would port and enjoy equal parts of trouble and spoils as they ran grifts on the local kids. They would bring back goods to trade or sell to the other Hovia kids and sometimes run errands for the adults.

Although they had the usual run-ins and disagreements with the other Hovian kids on the floatilla they were always considered family to be fought for and protected against outsiders if needed.

In their young teens, the twins did a job for a jailer at one of the ports they stopped at. The deal went sour and they ended up in jail. The floatilla left without them. Weeks later they were able to convince one of the guards the jail was on fire and they needed to be released. (Small town, stupid guard, some minor magic, and a lot of charisma). Needless to say, they intend to avoid that town for the rest of their lives. It took another several months to catch up to their tribe, catching a ride and doing some asking around on another floatilla.

Lidia’s magic has always been innate. She started doing disturbing things as a small child, like making her mother’s breast leak milk or making light flash in front of her schoolteacher’s eyes to blind them. As a young teen she was primarily happy but did experience difficult mood swings at times while she grappled with the wild magic that coursed through her blood. At the age of 12 a family from another floatilla joined hers. In that group was an elderly wild mage who instantly recognized Lidia’s talents and helped her get a grip on what was going on and how to channel her power. She refers to him as Uncle Topple, for his magic tricks on tripping people, to varying levels of humor.

Lidia Kingfisher

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