Ran'Imil Az'Guzuur

This tiefling noblewoman seems slightly unhinged, with a bearing and manner of dress that belie her station.


Since the death of her husband, Luraz’Imil, and son, Braliz’Imil three years ago, Ran’Imil Az’Guzuur has grown decreasingly sane. She wanders the corridors of the Palace of Ur, last survivor of the Mazath line of the Guzuur blood, and estranged from her in-laws, the Ikars, by bad blood between herself and An’Ikar, their matriarch.

For the most part, the other Guzuur’s avoid and ignore her, waiting for her to have an accident, or an “accident,” or to just wander off somewhere someday.

All that said, Ran’Imil is not a gibbering madwoman. Indeed, if one is honest, she manages to comport herself with relative calm and decorum during most public events, banquets, tournaments and such. So long as nobody attempts to engage her too closely, and provided her deceased husband and son don’t come up in conversation.

The only person who still pays Ran’Imil any mind is King Thuz’Ur, who has, since the death of his fifth wife, Amra’Ur Az’Ebbezuur, seemed to have started considering Ran’Imil, despite (or perhaps because of her mental derangement), a possible solution to his heirlessness.

Ran'Imil Az'Guzuur

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