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  • Anchest the Eldest

    The eldest druid of the Aven preserve, Anchest's calm manner belies her status as the deadliest druid in her preserve. She is known for spending much of her time meditating skyclad in the stone circle at the center of Aven. Her being skyclad is notable …

  • Mest

    Mest is one of the junior druids of Aven and is thus constantly picking fights in an effort to move up the pecking order. So far, the only creatures in Aven that seem cowed by him at all are a group of three or four coyotes.

  • Aluenthel

    Aluenthel has come to Aven from the elven enclave of Ellenthe on the border of Kozun. He is serious, but not unpleasant, though his strange association with the otherwise generally unpopular druid [[:mest | Mest]] reduces his social capital among the …

  • Goord

    Goord is the name given to the apparent leader of a small group of Children of the Wild (which is, in turn, a name given to a race of beings without any self-identified names of their own) who have come to inhabit Aven. It speaks softly and seems …