Tieflings: 650D_kath_City_View_1.jpg
Humans: 7,500
Halflings: 4,250
Dwarves: 2,100
Goblinoids: 1,500
Other: 1,800
TOTAL: 17,800

The northernmost of the Seven Cities, D’kath is a bizarre cross between an authoritarian bureaucracy and a raucous border town. Because of the City’s devotion to the god Tulvar, entering, leaving, and moving about D’kath is strictly regulated, and all laws are harshly, and publicly enforced. Meanwhile, D’kath’s location near the Smoking Wastes, and the Greybane Mountains make it a great staging area for treasure hunters, monster hunters, and adventurers. It’s status as seat of the Mokiiran mage’s guild, and the attendant availability of magical items and equipment, only increases the City’s appeal to adventurous types. In Mokiir, it is said that those who seek glory go to Okorian, while those who seek fortune go to D’kath.

The Kazzar of D’kath, Liran’Sulazzin Az’Kathaz, is unusual for a tiefling in that she is openly and zealously devoted to the god Tulvar. She is also known for her supposedly completely pure bloodline; and her advanced age, being the only Kazzar to have held her throne since before The Blighting 100 years ago. It is widely believed that her piety and her longevity are connected, though few seem to know how the one might beget the other. Regardless, as prays the Kazzar, so prays the City, as the saying goes (it sounds better in Infernal).

To complicate matters further, D’kath is very close to Aechell, . The Lazlo River, which flows from Lake Kathaz at D’kath, running just 40 or so miles west to become the border between New Cormorell and Aechell. A border which was crossed and possibly eliminated when Aechell successfully invaded New Cormorell in early 101 RA.

The upshot of all this is a City defined by rigidly controlled and contained chaos, danger, and opportunity. The perfect place to start an adventure.


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The Curious History of D’kath and Cartography
For those interested in the history of D’kath, it may be momentarily diverting to learn that, for nearly a century, many of the denizens of Mokiir, and most in the rest of the Blessed Lands, were under the misapprehension that the City of D’kath lay some 60 miles southwest of its actual location. This peculiar but common misconception came about as a result of a feud between the then quite young, and newly crowned, Kazzar Liran’Sulazzin Az’Kathaz and Miza’Linz Az’Druuth, head of the Cartographer’s Guild.

Roughly 20 years before the conclusion of the eladrin Redemption War, and the advent of the current Redemption Age, Liran’Sulazzin was crowned Kazzar of D’kath. At her coronation, the young Kazzar was approached by Miza’Linz, master cartographer, who proposed that, in celebration of the beginning of Liran’Sulazzin’s reign, Miza’Linz herself would create a new and beautifully detailed map of the lands around D’kath. The new Kazzar, something of a scholar and historian herself, was delighted.

Trouble arose later when it was discovered that while the Kazzar had understood the offer as a gift, the Cartographer had meant it as a funding pitch. When Miza’Linz approached Liran’Sulazzin to give an estimate of the funds needed for her expedition, the Kazzar laughed. She dismissed the entire matter as an amusing misunderstanding, and made it clear that she had much more important issues to spend money on than new maps. Most likely this was true, given the ongoing Redemption War, but Miza’Linz was incensed. She had believed the agreement a verbal contract, and believed that the Kazzar had reneged, a serious accusation among tieflings. Miza’Linz event went so far as to seek redress through the Shepherd’s Guild, but none took her suit seriously.

Ultimately, some say out of pure spite, Miza’Linz gathered enough donations and patrons to undertake her grand cartographic expedition, and mapped in greater detail than any before (or since), the land around the City of D’kath, even entering the Smoking Wastes and mapping the mysterious features and terrain there. It was a true masterpiece, and the corrected original is still kept on display at the Headquarters of the Cartographers’ Guild in Azeth.

However, Miza’Linz’s map had one small but very significant mistake. Instead of placing D’kath some 125 miles nearly due-north of Okorian, near the Lazlo River valley, she placed it about 50 miles east of Azeth.

It is unclear how the map came to be in such broad circulation before it came to the attention of the D’kathi Kazzar. Most who care to wonder assume that Miza’Linz, as head of the Cartographers’ Guild, simply forced as many copies to be made as she could before Liran’Sulazzin found out. Regardless, the otherwise excellent map had already been copied dozens, if not hundreds of times and disseminated across the western nations by the time the error came to the ruler’s attention.

Ultimately, Liran’Sulazzin, rather than seeking retribution, apologized to Miza’Linz for being rude (though not for breach of contract), and the Cartographer, grudgingly, fixed the original. The whole incident might have amounted to little more than a minor prank, but the very next year the Blighting of Khalipanofax occurred and the Blessed Lands were thrown into near chaos for several decades.

When things calmed down and regular trade across the Blessed Lands resumed, it just happened that some of the erroneous copies were brought back into circulation first. Result being that many people seeking to reach D’kath from any meaningful distance simply failed to find it. Many of those who became lost ended up in Azeth, which may have been part of Miza’Linz original plan. Unsurprisingly, the Azethi royal family, upon realizing the widespread error, founded a trading post named Dakith at the otherwise unremarkable location labeled D’kath on the original erroneous map.

The consequences of this strange twist was that D’kath was somewhat slower than most of the rest of Mokiir in recovering from the Redemption Wars. It could have been much worse if not for Kazzar Liran’Sulazzin being uniquely unaffected by the Blighting that struck down the rest of her generation of tieflings within a few years of the actual event. Though now most people of means have maps that accurately show the location of D’kath, many of lesser means, or lesser education, still mistake the City’s location by about 60 miles.

As an historical side note, in 51 RA, Kazzar Liran’Sulazzin successfully convinced the Aziils of Azeth to rename the village of Dakith, which is now called Linz.

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