History of Namalcia

The Redemtion Age: 1 RA — Present

The Redemption Wars: 0 RA — 23 RA

The Blood Wars: Several centuries long between the of the Age of Empires and the Redemption Age (“RA” Calendar)

The Throck-Dwarf War: Around 1500 PW.

The Dragon Plagues: Around 200 PW.

The Age of Empires: From the end of the Nemesis War (Post War or “PW” Calendar) to the beginning of the Blood Wars.

The Nemesis War: Approximately 2,000 years before the Blood Wars.

The Golden Ages: Unknown centuries before the Nemesis War.

The Times Before: Erat is an ancient world, and it is said that the primordials and the fey remember a time before the mundane races even existed…

History of Namalcia

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