Namalcian Calendar -- Redemption Age

The Namalcian Calendar, as brought to the Western Peoples by the Eladrin a hundred years ago, is called the Redemption Age Calendar. It is arranged into thirteen 28 day months. Each month is loosely associated with one or more gods, and most months have at least one day that is holy to one or more gods.

In between years (it is considered neither the last day nor the first day of any year) is Nemidahl: a single day which represents a void space between years. A day holy to nothingness; the day of the Nemesis. On Nemidahl, most people of any race (except orcs, goblinoids and other fell creatures, to whom it is holy) stay indoors, build big fires, and otherwise focus on keeping the cold and darnkess away. Every four years, there is a second “in between” day, which is called Nemiran. It is said that when the Nemisis finally breaks its bindings and returns to Erat, it will be on Nemiran.

The Sevendays (the 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th) of every month are days of rest (literally a weekend), and are days of worship for most gods. Other than the Sevendays, days do not have names, only numbers.

The months of the Redemption Age are as follows:

Flame Day—Aeguran 1— First day of the New Year, holy to Aerus.
Fairivest—Aeguran 21 – 28— The spring festival of rebirth and fertility, holy to Aerus, Kellisia and Ohlen.
Fairidahl—Aeguran 28— The High Festival Day of Fairivest

JEHNARAN (Dedicated to Jehnahn) – SPRING
Traveller’s Day—Jehnaran 8— Auspicious day to begin journeys and quests, holy to Jehnahn

SEVALAN (Dedicated to Sevalia) – SPRING
Hunter’s Day—Sevalan 1— holy to Sevalia

ANKELLAN (Dedicated to Kellisia) – LATE SPRING
Mother’s Day—Ankellan 1— Celebrating mothers, auspicious day to conceive or give birth, holy to Kellis, particularly in her “mother” aspect.

OHLENAN (Dedicated to Ohlen)EARLY SUMMER
Sunday—Ohlenan 1— Also called the Festival of Light, celebrates the sun and life, always very big parties and feasts, holy to Ohlen
Father’s Day—Ohlenan 28— Celebrating Fathers

KARAN (Dedicated to Karys) – SUMMER
Festival of Binding—Karan 1 & 2— a two-day festival of rest, work is discouraged by most gods, commemorates the preparations leading up to the Day of Binding.
Highvest—Karan 3— also called the Day of Binding, this high holy day commemorates the Binding of the Nemesis, very solemn and celebrated by most of the Western Peoples, holy to Karys

SUBAHN (Dedicated to Subher) – MID-LATE SUMMER
Day of Shadows—Subahn 1— a day of confession in most religions, holy to Subhear; also called the Day of Secrets, and by that name is holy to Khalipanofax
Mid-Year’s Eve—Subahn 14— usually family and community dinners, family reunions
Mid-Year’s Day—Subahn 15— day of rest, family reunions continue
Lover’s Day—Subahn 21— celebration of sex and love, auspicious day to conceive

Drover’s Day—Tulvan 9— Autumnal equinox, official beginning of harvesting and preparing for winter.
Harvest—Tulvan 22 – 28— harvest festival, holy to Mariduer and Tulvar

ORKELLAN (Dedicated to Kellisia) – AUTUMN
Day of the Dead—Orkellan 28— day of natural death, auspicious day for funerals, holy to Kellisia

KHALIDAN (Dedicated to Khalipanofax) – AUTUMN
Khalidahl—Khalidan 1— commemorates the rise of Khalipanofaxt to godhood, holy to Khalipanofax

Marrimach—Maridan 1— also called Labor Day, celebrates laborers and craftsmen, holy to Mariduer and Tulvar
Jehnidahl—Maridan 16— first day of winter, also called Homecoming, commemorates the return of Jehnahn from his journeys, auspicious day to complete a long journey or project, day of storytelling, holy to Jehnahn and bards

DUERAN (Dedicated to Duergath and Machan) – WINTER
Duermach—Dueran 1— also called Chain Day, day of obligation and contracts, auspicious day to sign a contract, traditionally the day taxes are due, holy to Duergath
Deepwinter’s Day—Dueran 14— traditionally the coldest day of the year

PENILAN (Dedicated to Penilia) – WINTER
Storm Day—Penilan 1— holy to Machan
Children’s Day—Penilan 9— a day of pranks, children’s games and carnivals, auspicious day to give birth, holy to Penilia and Kellisia
Eyeday—Penilan 28— day of prophecy, holy to Penilia

The holy day of the Nemisis, and, every four years, a second day of the same. Each Nemidahl is part of no year, and is treated as a day out of time. It is also said that the dead walk on Nemidahl, more so on Nemiran.

Namalcian Calendar -- Redemption Age

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