Other Planes

The “Real” or “Natural” World, called Mana’era by the eladrin and the Material Plane, The Middle World or Default Reality by scholars and philosophers, is only one expression of the reality of Erat. While most legends and histories of Erat center around the doings of the natural home of humans, the truth is that entire planes of existence co-exist in layers around our own, with ecosystems, cultures, rules and entire civilizations all their own.

Among scholars (those trained in the Arcana or Religion skills) it is widely known that accessing the other realms was exceedingly difficult up until the beginning of the The Blood Wars. Those very learned in such things have suspicions as to why.

The Mirror Worlds

The Mirror Worlds is a term that refers to the two planes that most closely border Mana’era, forming a thin layer between that world and the respective outer planes that to which they most closely relate. Each mirror world’s geography and major features are largely the same as that of Mana’era, though specific features, particularly those that are man-made or fleeting, can vary wildly. Even in those cases where the mirror-world reflection of a place is unrecognizable to a person from the same part of Mana’era, there will usually be a strong sense of familiarity, which is often more disturbing than reassuring.

The Feywild
This reflection of the Natural World lies between Mana’era ad the Elemental Chaos. It is a realm of strong physical reality and suffused with an abundance of arcane energy. The plants and seemingly inanimate objects of the Feywild are often more than they appear, and the world is full of motion, light and sound both beautiful and deadly.

The Shadowfell

Outer Planes

The Astral Sea

The Elemental Chaos

Other Planes

The Abyss

The Far Realm

Other Planes

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