Races of Namalcia

In Western Namalcia, the following races are generally considered “civilized,” and, in general, stand against the dark forces of The Nemesis and Machan. Each of these races is playable. Game-play information for the published races can be found in the published books (as noted in parentheses); game-play info for new races can be found on their Wiki page.



Descendents of the ancient elves who fled to the feywild when their empire was sundered by goblinoid hordes and the treachery of man. After centuries spent in thrall to the dark goddess Khalipanofax, the eladrin have made peace with the the peoples of the “Real” World, and have helped pull the floundering human settlements out of the dark ages of the Blood Wars.

Descendents of the ancient elves who remained in the “Real” World under the rule of the warrior queen, Persephone Lobenali, the elves of the Redemption Age are a race of survivors and woodland warriors who place the safety of their people above all else.

A race of tiny, winged humanoids from the Feywild who have an unusual affinity for the material world and its denizens.


HALF-ELF (Ashai) (PHB)


HALF-ORC (Hacholu) (PHB2)
The creatures most commonly referred to as “half-orcs” by most inhabitants of Namalcia are not, in fact, the children of an orc and a human. They are, in truth, full-blooded orcs who have not succumbed to the call of Machan. Amongst themselves, they are known as the Hacholu. They are an animistic, tribal, warrior culture who praise strength, honor, bravery, and the natural world.


A race of humanoids with animalistic, feline features, the kaenti culture is based upon strict notions of honor, obligation and pride (for those familiar with Robert Jordan’s Wheel of Time series, think the Aiel).

A race of bizarre, gangly, hairless, genderless swamp-dwellers that resemble nothing so much as a human crossed with a mundane salamander and stretched out like taffy.

THROK (as Goliath from PHB2, but with some changes)
A race of large, stone-like humanoids who live deep in the mountains named for their race.

A race of fiendish humanoids descended from the nobility of the old kingdom of Adrideor, whose powers since the end of the Blood Wars are much diminished, and whose souls are finally free to do as they wilt.

Races of Namalcia

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