King Isra'Asiel Az'Aziil

This slender, ebony skinned tiefling is handsome, charming, and wants your vote.


Isra’Asiel Az’Aziil, also known as The Blood King, is the son and heir to the late King Tafel’Asiel of Azeth. Now engaged in a campaign to unify Mokiir under his banner, he was, until recently, a prince in exile.

Outside of Azeth, little is known of the details, but rumors say that, years ago, Isra was driven out of Azeth by his older, bastard half-brother who, with the help of a mysterious counselor, had gained sway over the aging King Tafel.

In Aeguran of 101 RA, Prince Isra returned to Azeth at the head of a small army of sellswords and mercinaries, and reclaimed his throne. He slew the wicked bastard of Azeth, but not before the traitor slew King Tafel.

Despite his history, King Isra has begun his campaign of unification with a consistently egalitarian message. He claims that his bastard brother was driven mad by the inequity of his position, and proclaims that the tyranny of the Elder Bloodlines, the Az’Nephil must come to an end. People like his slain brother must see that they have paths to power and respect outside of treason and murder if the nation is ever to know peace.

The Blood King is also vocally and stridently anti-Aechell and anti-human. Or, at least, anti human-rule. Between his two platforms, he has successfully been able to hold Azeth, conquer D’kath (thanks to a populous uprising), and ally with the City of Okorian. To everyone’s surprise, his efforts at unification seem to be working, and the armies of the so-called Blood King are only growing.

King Isra'Asiel Az'Aziil

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