Fort Pendred


Built ~270 years ago (~170 PRA) by dwarves from Tor Endull and the settlement that would become Darakor, about 30 years after the building of the Black Bridge at Rook’s Landing, and the Adridran expansion eastward into the Gandoran Tribelands.

It was, at first, a joint outpost of dwarves and Adridrans against goblinoids from the tribelands, and, eventually, against the increasingly powerful Mokiiran Houses who split from the Adridran Empire during the Schism, around ~175 PRA.

It was held jointly for a long time, but dwarves held primary control after the Blighting/Redemption in 1 RA, as many tieflings perished. The Fort fell to goblinoids during the siege of Darakor in 20 RA, at the height of the Bloodspear War, and was never reclaimed.

For the past 80 years, Fort Pendred has been infested by goblinoids on-and-off, and is generally considered cursed. In truth, subterranean fey and sometimes elemental creatures do emerge from beneath the Fort with some regularity, making it difficult for goblinoids to make very permanent homes there.

For the past year or so, Fort Pendred was the home of a tribe of goblinoids. In late Subahn, 101 RA, the goblinoids were driven out by a gang of ogres.

Typical of dwarven architecture, Fort Pendred has more going on below than above. The basement level is downright sprawling compared to the modest surface fort, but the basement level has been crumbling and degrading much more quickly than normal.

Fort Pendred

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