The Gap

This roughly 40 foot hole in M’Ziir’s west wall that leads between Crafter’s Row inside the city and the roughest part of The Pale Quarter outside. The Gap is always under guard, but rarely openly. Obvious guards at this post tend to suffer mob violence.

It is said that The Gap opened up about 100 years ago during the chaos that reigned in the wake of The Blighting. When the old King Az’Guzuur finally got the riots and fighting under control, there was a large collapsed section on the southwest side of the city wall.

Every effort to repair the wall has failed. Not only are construction efforts beset by misfortune, but the work always falls apart and collapses again. Every king of M’ziir since the gap appeared has made at least one attempt at closing The Gap.

Some thirty years ago, shortly after he took the throne, King Thuz’Ur made his attempt. It is said that he brought priests from Jen, sorcerers from Kozun, and an entire mercenary company to guard and oversee construction. There was a tremendous amount of official violence against halflings during the repairs. In the final weeks of construction, the violence exploded into race riots. Sometime during the fighting, all of the years of progress made on closing the Gap collapsed, killing dozens.

It is widely known that King Thuz’Ur believes gnomes did it. It is widely believed that he is right. Rumors that gnomes live in the walls of M’ziir date back to before the Gap opened, and many believe that those same gnomes opened, and maintain the Gap. Theories as to why gnomes would do that, and how they live inside M’ziir’s seemingly solid walls, vary wildly. But the notion of the gnomes as essentially benevolent, mischievous fey, generally helping the people of M’ziir and leading the Vassal King and his goons a merry chase while doing so, has captured the minds of the common folk. Needless to say, King Thuz’Ur attempts to stamp-down on such songs and tales with sufficient force and violence as to lend credence to them. These are some of Ezra Willowood’s favorite songs.

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The Gap

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